Divination on chakra

Ajna chakra (negative)

Ajna chakra (negative)

Color: blue.

A chakra of «third eye»

Wishes: to be in harmony with the Universe.

Task: to make dreams come true.

Keyword: intuition.

It appears, that your good Angel is very busy now. Do not count on the off-chance. You have not enough sagacity in usual life.

The main rule for now is: «Measure thrice and cut once». Don't forget to think before doing something – this will keep you away from mistakes.

Do not make huge purchase yet, after that you may be sorry for this. Avoid to arrange documents and deals. If, during this period, you need to make a serious decision, use an expert's advice, information, but the best will be to wait for some time.

There is possible romantic passion, flirtation, a new acquaintance, which doubtly will be a begininning of a serious relationships.

To bring back a Fortune into your life you need to renew a link to your subconscious, to return a harmony with the world. For this the meditation would help, so as a rest far from urban vanity, somewhere on a nature. The blue color will help you get back peace, intuition, good sleep.