Divination on chakra

Anahata chakra (positive)

Anahata chakra (positive)

Color: green.

A chakra of heart.

Element: Fire.

Sense: touch.

Wishes: to love and to be loved.

Task: to obtain self-confidence.

Keyword: emotions.

Energy of love and harmony. Spiritual side of love, liking, sympathy to others.

In your life there is a feel of love and harmony. People do like you, and you pay them back in kind.

On an emotinal level this chakra is responsible for compassion, self-esteem and respectful relation to other people. You have a dominant influence of Anahata on you, so you are benevolent and caring as for yourself, so as for others. Exactly now your friends and family can use your responsiveness and kindness. Be hard. Sometimes, you have to say źNo╗. You have your life and your affairs, and it's not obligatory to waste all your time for decision of somebody else's problems.