Divination on chakra

Manipura chakra (negative)

Manipura chakra (negative)

Color: yellow.

A chakra of solar plexus.

Element: Oxygen.

Sense: eyesight.

Wishes: striving for understanding.

Task: to make relations with family be smooth.

Keyword: intellect.

You are unsure for yourself. This indecisiveness is an obstacle on your "career stairs". The fear of failure makes you too tense and irritable.

Now you are subject to hysterics, crysis, emotional disruptions, anger and hate, like never before. Do not speak bluntly! Count up to 100 before saying all you want.

To obtain confidence in yourself it would be good to take a course of advanced training, to start learning foreign language. A picnic on the nature, massage, sauna will help you de-stress.

It is good, if you have a hobby, which can help you to relax, for example, painting, knitting. And don't forget about color therapy. Your wear and home interior shall have yellow color in it.