Geomancy: Arabic divination with sand online

Geomancy: Arabic divination with sand online

When we have questions for which we cannot find satisfactory answers by conventional means, we turn to unconventional methods. And today, almost everyone knows that a reliable and effective means of seeking answers, practical advice, and problem analysis is the world of mysticism. Of course, it would be ideal to have a personal psychic at our disposal, who could provide guidance, direction, and suggestions. However, online divination often works just as effectively. And among them is geomancy - Arabic sand divination online, which offers the opportunity to receive not only a concrete yes or no answer to a question but also a forecast of possible developments and advice on how to proceed.

What is the secret of objectivity and effectiveness in Arabic divination? It lies in the fact that you do not leave the search for an answer solely to the computer, but actively participate in its formation. You ask your question, focusing your attention on it and tuning yourself to contact with higher powers (in such moments, rational thinking seems to switch off, opening access to the brain's information field). Now, on a sheet of paper, you need to draw a series of lines. Do not try to draw a specific number of lines; just stop when you feel it's enough. Create three more similar series. Then count the number of lines in each series. Designate even results as a horizontal line and odd results as a point. You have formed a figure. This figure is the symbolic result in geomancy, which the computer will explain.

The second reason why this divination is 100% effective is that all the interpretations and explanations you will receive by using it are developed by a professional.

The meanings of figures in Arabic "Yes or No" divination on sand.

Rise Barrier Path Prosperity Luck Praise Meeting Softness Determination Impoverishment Loss Flaccidity Progress Flock Clarity Regret