The Book of Destiny

The book of destiny fortune-telling

Virtual fortune-telling by the Book of Destiny. It contains most important questions about everyone's life, which answers may reveal your destiny.

Click the question in the Book of Destiny and find your answer. You can not ask the same question twice.


Love. Relations. Family.

1. Does he (she) love me?

2. Is he (she) really devoted to me?

3. Will I be happy with him (her)?

4. How can I win his (her) heart?

5. Have my sweetheart got any secrets from me?

6. Will I unite with my beloved?

7. Can I count on his (her) loyalty?

8. Will I ever get married?

9. Will I marry my beloved?

10. Do I really have a rival man?

11. Do I have a rival woman?

12. When will I see my beloved?

13. Who will be my husband?

14. Who will be my wife?

15. Is he (she) thinking about me?

16. Is my husband faithful to me?

17. Is my wife faithful to me?

18. Which husband will I have?

19. What shall I do to make him (her) love me too?

20. Which wife will I have?

21. Will I marry my beloved?

22. Does my beloved love me?

23. Is it profitably for me to marry her?

24. How many wives will I have?

25. Who likes me most of all?

26. Do women like me? (Boy asks)

27. Will my beloved marry me?

28. Will I have only one husband?

29. How many kids will I have?

30. How far will I go for living when I get married?

31. What to expect from my children?

32. Which abilities will have my children?

33. Will I have a daughter or a son?

34. Which of my daughters will be more happy?


Career. Job. Business.

35. How is his (her) situation?

36. What my employees think of me?

37. Does my boss think good of me?

38. Will I have promotion soon?

39. Is it allowed for me to get a job in the company I think of?


Money. Wealth.

40. Will I ever be rich?

41. Will I get my funds back?

42. Will I get expected money soon?

Common questions.

43. Will forthcoming changes lead to my happpiness?

44. Shall I go there?

45. Can I trust this person?

46. Are these rumours about him (her) true?

47. Which one of two proposals shall I accept?

48. Shall I continue my legal action?

49. Shall I abandon the beginning or shall I go forward?

50. Does some interest forces him (her) to assent to my desires?

51. Will this meeting lead to my happiness?

52. Will I win my law suit?

53. Will I succeed with my undertaking?

54. Don't they cheat me with their proposal?

55. What shall I say to this proposal: Yes or No?

56. Are my suspicions correct?

57. Will my present condition last for ever?

58. Will destiny stop persecuting me?

59. Where shall I search for happiness?

60. How can I defeat my enemy?

61. How successful will be my travel?

62. What shall I wait from this year?

63. What awaits me in the place where I'm going to travel?

64. Shall I buy this thing?

65. Shall I become closer to this person?

66. Will I have joy or sadness in my old age?

67. Why is he (she) angry for me?

68. Shall I make peace to my enemy?

69. How my life will end?

70. What my dream predicts to me?

71. Will my previous happiness get back to me?

72. Shall I rely on promised protection?

73. Where and how can I find my happiness?

74. Has he got any weaknesses?

75. What this event means?

76. Will the lost thing be found?

77. Will my thought come true?

78. Shall I follow this advice?

79. What will happen today?

80. What other people think of me?

81. Will I be lucky in today's game?

82. What he (she) feels for me?

83. What will happen if I do this?

84. What he wants from me?