Rune divination. Runic oracle on-line

Runes - these are the magical and alphabetical signs carved on the stones and cut out on the wood. With runes they decorated different articles of daily life, clothing, dishes, weapon, they wrote the incantations above the entrance and house, also, on ship nose - briefly, they were used everywhere. Many runic signs have early origin - they raise to the magic symbols of the Celtic priest - druids, from whom subsequently they passed to the German, and then to the Scandinavian tribes.

There are several historical runic inscriptions, found on everything from swords to stones to bronze pendants, which list the entire runic alphabet in order. One of the oldest and most complete of these is the Kylver stone, found in Gotland, Sweden, and dating from the fifth century c.e. Others are less complete, but show a remarkable continuity in the order in which the runes are listed. The only surviving written accounts of the actual names and meanings of the runes, however, were not recorded until the advent of the Christian era. Some of these manuscripts, which date from the 9th. century until well into 12th, are known as rune poems. These poems have a verse for each rune, each of which begins with the rune itself and its name. Some of these poems are more Pagan than others, particularly those from Iceland, where Christianity was not yet as widespread as it was in the Anglo-Saxon regions.

The rune names themselves appear to have been passed down relatively intact, and although no manuscript exists listing the names of the older, Germanic runes, the Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian rune poems agree to such an extent that their common origin can be deduced. These names are probably our best clue as to what the individual runes actually meant to the people that used them.

There are many methods of guess-work on the runes, each of them can correspond to the theme selected by you. We propose to you 2 known of them:

.:Rune of Odin. It is considered that divination on one fleece - is the clearest, since it will not allow you to be distracted to the outside ideas, thus far that excess in your vital situation. In this aspect the guess-work on the runes converges with the eastern systems, with Chinese and Tibetan, which also recommend to limit itself to one conjectural symbol one time.

:Three runes. This method was already used 2000 years ago. It is suitable for the majority of the cases. It is necessary to clearly formulate the theme of divination and to alternately take out 3 runes. The first of fleece describes the prevailing situation, the second - required direction of actions, the third - situation, which will follow.