Cookie policy

What's cookie?

Cookie is a small piece of information being stored by web browser on a machine where this browser runs. Cookie may contain (not all of it is required) its name, its value (this is usually a text string with some information or simply some number), the web domain name to which this cookie belongs, relative path to the domain name (which path is called URI) where this cookie is active, the date when this cookie expires and should be deleted (if the date is not set, the cookie will be deleted when you shut down your web browser), and, finally, a special flag "secure", which shows if this cookie shall be transmitted by secured protocol or not. Cookies are mostly used to remember some piece of information, which may be useful while user is browsing a web site.

On its own the cookie represents nothing else but the piece of text string, it can not be executed as an application or start any action by itself. So it can not represent a direct danger like a virus or something similar. There may be some subtlety when cookies are used miscorrectly. The example of such wrong action is storing someone's password directly as cookie's value, which password is used for authentication to some web site. This may represent some danger to safety of user's data, stored at that web site, because intruders can steal information from cookie.

Well, what's the exact purpose of cookies at this web site?

Cookies are set by third parties. These cookies are used for:
a) systems gathering a visitors statistics, which helps us to improve our web site. These services include: (including and;
b) systems showing advertisment at our web site. This is and its partners. Since Google's advertisment system (hereinafter AdSense) is also used by other companies to show their advertisment, these other companies also may set and read their own cookies via our web site. But we have to note that we directly use only Google's advertisment code at our pages, third party ads are loaded through Google's system.

Visitors statistics systems usually use cookies to differentiate users when gathering an information, for not to count one user loading two different pages of the web site for two different users.

Advertisment systems use cookies to track user's activity and its interests, to select more suitable advertisments for this user. You have to know that these systems can track your browsing history through all the web sites, where their code is installed. Most of modern browsers have ability to let you prohibit such a tracking. Please, refer to help pages of your browser.

Normally information acquired by these systems includes user's IP address, the page address (URL) the user has loaded, date and time it was loaded, the page loaded before this page, country of living (according to IP address or geolocation if available), some features of its machine, like screen resolution and operating system, browsers name and maybe something else.

Administrators of our web site have access to these statistics data through user's interface of according system and can only see the data relating to our web site. These data are unpersonalized, i.e. there is no correspondence in available statistics data between data itself and certain person (or machine or IP address).

You may also learn Google's privacy policies to know how they deal with your personal data.

Prohibiting cookies, tracking, personalized ads

If you do not wish your web browser to store cookies at all or for some of the web sites selectively, you can control it through your web browser settings. Each browser does it in its own way, so, please, refer to your browser's help pages. But you have to note that most of worldwide web sites will work less effectively with cookies disabled.

If you do not wish advertisment systems to show you personalized ads, but you still do not want to disable cookies, this may be done at least for Google. You may start from this page

Social media

We have links at our pages for you to share our contents with social media. At the moment these are Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. If you press any of these links you will be forwarded to corresponding social media's web site or mobile app. Any of them may store their own cookies on your machine when you visit them. So you may want to learn their own cookies policies.

Changes, acceptance

This cookie policy may be amended or changed at any time. Any such amendment or change takes effect immediately upon its publication at this page. No further notice will be done.

Users, continuing using this web site, confirm their agreement to this cookie policy. This Cookie Policy is an integral part of Privacy Policy.


We have to warn you that the information about Internet technologies presented above (including cookies) is not comprehensive or technically precise. It is only a common description of its basics as we understand it, we could be wrong in some details. You may find more details about such technologies at special web sites related to it.