Auspicious wedding dates 2024

Auspicious wedding dates 2024

Auspicious wedding date is the key date for the following life, this date defines the future not only for marriage itself, but also for each of spouses.

The result of this test for finding wedding dates is calculated for those who gets married and lives on GMT.

This astrological test is made in such a way, that it is possible to take into account not all parameters - You can choose not to count result for those of parameters which are not important for You.

Of course, if You take an individual astrological advice, the specialist will count in all nuances and will find a best day for Your wedding even in not too favourable at first sight period.

So, which day is good for your marriage in 2024?

Calculate auspicious wedding dates

The year for wedding:

Date of fiance's birth:

Date of bride's birth:

It is better to get married when the Moon grows up. Let's look for periods from new moon to full moon. In this case relations in Your marriage will develop in good way.

It is better to avoid marriage when Venus, the planet of partnership and love, starts to move in reverse direction. Strike such times off results.

One more celestial 'contradictory evidence': the moments, when the Sun and the Moon make tense aspects between each other - i.e. the days of New Moon, Full Moon, the first and the last quarters of Moon. The case is, that the Sun is the symbol of machismo, and the Moon - that of feminine. And, that 'unfriendly' relations in the day of wedding are a bad sign - young family doubtly will have peace and consent. Strike such times off results.

Also, it is not a good time for wedding, when a Venus the patroness of love, is situated in Aries, Virgo or Scorpio, because these signs are unlucky for marriage. Strike such times off results.

According to national superstitions, May - is the worst month for marriage. Surprisingly, this popular belief exists in almost every nation's traditions, and scientists consider it as one of the most ancient beliefs in humanity history. Ovidius has cautioned against wedding in May. Strike May off results.

It is considered, that the man's family life will be much more successful, if he (she) will get married in the 4th, 5th, 7th, 10th or 11th month from its day of birth. To take into account fiance's and bride's coincident months only.