Divination on chakra

Svadhisthana chakra (negative)

Svadhisthana chakra (negative)

Color: orange.

A chakra of sex

Element: water.

Sense: taste.

Wishes: respect, confession.

Task: to love and to serve to other people.

Keyword: social.

Low energy of sexuality, creative activity.

Feeling of loneliness does not go away. Your fingers are all thumbs. You become more touchy, irritable. Your personal life is far from ideal. The period of inconstancy in family life loneliness, quarrels, divorce.

The lack of energy makes you emotionally unbalanced. Sadness, depression they are your loyal friends.

Now for you it would be very helpful to have some yoga trainings, autogenic training, affirmation. Hydrotherapeutic procedures are indispensable: swimming pool, "pearl" baths, underwater massage.

Moreover, it would be good to take care of your appearance: visit to hair-dresser and beauty consultant, renewal of your wardrobe that's what you need. And, of course, don't forget about color therapy. In your wear and home interior there shall be orange color present.