Divination on chakra

Svadhisthana chakra (positive)

Svadhisthana chakra (positive)

Color: orange.

A chakra of sex

Element: water.

Sense: taste.

Wishes: respect, confession.

Task: to love and to serve to other people.

Keyword: social.

Energy of sexuality, creative activity and emotional balance. This chakra controls pleasure, sexual potentiality, procreation, creativity.

The time of optimism. You make plans for future, dreams come closer to reality.

Now you are more sensitive than earlier and you see things, that could not see before. Excellent feeling of taste and style makes you more sexual and attractive. Sociability and even charisma let you shine in society.

The only thing that you shall beware of during this period - is a certain flippancy in relationships from your side.

This period is good for making contacts, building family, birth of children, creativeness and new acquaintances.