Divination on chakra

Muladhara chakra (negative)

Muladhara chakra (negative)

Color: red.

A chakra of coccyx.

Element: Earth.

Sense: smell.

Wishes: physical contact.

Task: think before doing something.

Keyword: material.

Now you have no "internal core", no will to win... The lack of energy makes you nervy and takes off your self-confidence. An internal feeling of fear, uncertainty in tomorrow are growing up.

Now your mood is a subject to depression like never before. The best choice for you is to find a support from your relatives. Meditations, sports will help you find your self-confidence. A little rest, travel, change of scene all of it will make emotional raising for your temper, return you the vital power, help you to be in tone. And, of course, do not forget about color therapy. In your wear and home interior there always shall be present a red color.