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Apple tree

(22nd December - 1st January, 25th June - 4th July)

She rarely may be high, she gladdens your eyes, she has much of attractiveness, she's nicely constituted, has a lot of charm and warmth. She instils a thoughts about love, even not thinking of it by herself (which occurs rarely indeed).

Apple tree - is very sentimental, sensitive. Love is interesting for her as in theory so as in practice of course. Often she decides to marry somebody not having a great feelings to a partner (apple is a very versatile tree), but it does not mean a final refusal of love and feelings.

If she accidentally meets a partner suitable to her taste and spirit, then their marriage will be a felicity. Apple tree is always loyal in love (as in free love, so as in conjugal one, and even in after-conjugal) up to a declining years.

She is unselfish, improvident, easy to be deceived. She would give to anybody her own shirt, share a last piece of bread. However, Apple tree is not a "goose". Not thinking of tomorrow, she lives today, sometimes making a debt and forgetting about it, which is usual for her. She is a philosopher, full of fantasies, glad to be living and not wishing to surprise or convince anybody.

However, do not take her as a thoughtless creature. Being intelligent, thoughtful and logical, Apple tree has a penchant to science. She reads everything related to the area she is interested in. A volume of her knowledge is surprisingly big, but she does not try to amaze anybody, she simply reads everything to satisfy her curiosity. Scientific theories are interesting for her for so much as a good cooking does too. She prefers the pleasures of this world to a bliss in other world.

She likes a diversity in emotional area. Monotonous happiness with no defect blows boredom on her. It needs to be known, that this spontaneous girl or nice boy likes to complicate the life from time to time.

Traits of those who were born under the sign of Apple tree: emotionality, warmth, intellect, inclination to thoughts, logic, analytical mind.

These people were born under the sign of Apple tree: Rubens, Henry VII, Rousseau, George Sand.