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(21st-22nd December - winter opposition)

He's shapely and beautiful. He's one of those who lives till the old age, keeping all qualities of youth. He keeps good shape, stately silhouette, deftness and flexibility of motions. He's always cared, not avoids some coquetry. If he gets into good conditions, he reaches success in any field. He shows smartness and readiness in any situation. He's full of various plans, which he can successfully implement. He does not let to lead him astray. He can arrange his life well.

Sometimes he has attacks of generosity, though usually he is thrifty and he correctly organizes its budget. He does not like to share his property, he spends it carefully.

Beech is a decent creature, he has many good features, always weighs all pro and contra, never relies on a chance. In love he has not enough of fantasy. He is an ideal spouse. He strives for having children, he wants to arrange his house in exemplary fashion, to have a good holidays.

He is intelligent, has some talent for organization and a good sense. He's a marked materialist. He wants to be rich first, and after that, if possible, to be happy.

Traits of those who were born under the sign of Beech: thoughtfulness, accuracy, talent for organization, realism.

These people were born under the sign of Beech: Puccini, Stalin.