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(24th June - summer opposition)

She's pliant and aristocratic, easy and nice in common living. Having a success she never abuses anyone's courtesy, she may be delicate and restrained. She never thrusts her likings and moods on anybody, she does not demand for anything and does not regret of anything.

She's as modest as Puritans, though she's always elegant with no any moralizing. She's full of sense of proportion and tolerance, and she can't stand the only one thing - vulgarity. She's devoid of any luxury and show. She also has not a piece of snobbery. She would more desirably live in a village, but she can get accustomed to any place, if only there is a way to work quietly. Despite her graceful appearance, a Birch grows up in labour and she loves to work.

Her modest and delicate nature defines her disposition to a calm love. Being sentimental she is not afraid of too passionate feelings. She may be loyal, she can arrange the atmosphere of comfort and domestic happiness at her home. Sometimes it happens that she gets married unconsideredly, but she never regrets her choice.

The most distinctive feature of a Birch is the intelligence. A power of her imagination and inventiveness is indeed unlimited. She always takes her work with creativity. The ability to think in logic way and to give a life to her thoughts, combined with her productivity, do open all doors for her.

In spite of her ability to get into any type of activity, she has the most success in artistism. She's not too sociable and it is her only defect. The high life, contacts to powerful people do not attract her attention. A Birch is often happy. She demands of life so little - it's enough for her to have a dear heart by her and a good library.

Traits of those who were born under the sign of Birch: amenity of temper, synthesis, intuition, fantasy.

These people were born under the sign of Birch: Guttenberg, Matejko.