The Druids horoscope. The Druids calendar. Gallic horoscope.


(25th January - 3rd February, 26th July - 4th August)

He's shapely, robust, with a sharpened, strong silhouette and simple right outlines. He has something severe in him, something of nature's human not depraved by civilization. However he is not without refinement. He satisfies with small and adapts to situation. He can live in any conditions and be happy. He quickly becomes mature and independent person.

He does not attach a great importance to success in life, does not strive for glory, for money. The only thing that he wishes for - is to be happy. He avoids everything that could place troubles to him. He likes a summer walks, animals and hunting. He may be seen in a boat falling to thinking with a fishing-rod. Notwithstanding it, he does not like the loneliness. He tries to settle his life in such a way to be constantly among his big family or friends. He's not sentimental. More often he's rather rude, but he has a sincere warmth; he's severe and simultaneously calm. He's nice in company. His presence calms down other people around him.

Cypress likes to dream. Being deep in dreams, his thoughts are always somewhere in another place. He avoids sharp discussions irrespective of its point. Strictly speaking, elasticity of his nature is what people do search for in him. He's unattainable in his loyalty. He may be loyal to his love, friendship, memories.

His intelligence has a speculative nature. His favourite activities are debates on any subject. His opinions are considered and intelligent.

His life more oftenly flows easy and calmly among those people that he loves.

Traits of those who were born under the sign of Cypress: constancy of feelings, loyalty, reflexivity, intelligence, analytical mind, logic.

These people were born under the sign of Cypress: Schubert, Mozart, Romen Rolland, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Louis Armstrong.