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(12th January - 24th January, 15th July - 25th July)

He's big, shapely, beautiful. He's quite attractive for others, but he has something restraining in him. He does not care too much of himself, he dresses simply, oftenly he can not throw out his old sweater.

Elm is not demanding and he does not like to complicate his life. It is typical for him to be calm and balanced. The most significant defect is a sloth.

Despite the appearance, Elm has a weak health. He's straight and opened, he disarms with his generosity. He believes in people's kindness. The thing that he protects is always noble, and he believes that sooner or lateer he'll obtain the recognition. He worries for failures more than others do. He can do a lot for benefit of his relatives, he has a strong sense of responsibility, duty.

In his feelings he's passionate, and may be even fervent. If he makes a successful choice, he creates the condiitons for love at his home to live through a "brilliant wedding" (60 years since the wedding date).

He likes to rule. He's skilful in direction. His requirements are as high, as his love is. Treat him patiently, he deserves it. He can be very faithful. He has a right mind and skilful hands. He's excels with his lively, concrete and practical mind. He has a sense of humour and oftenly this sense saves him in moments of disappointments.

His life will be nice and without any shocks, i.e. exactly what he wishes for himself.

Traits of those who were born under the sign of Elm: observation, talent of organization, realism.

These people were born under the sign of Elm: Moliere, Stendhal, Edgar Poe, Albert Schweitzer.