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(14th June - 23rd June, 12th December - 21st December)

A Fig is a delicate tree with expressive features. He has no special beauty, but he does not stay insignificant.

Fig is little impressionable and has some complexes. He feels himself good not everywhere. He demands for a life space and warmth. He withers in unfavourable conditions. He stands difficulties not well. Being impressionable, full of bitterness, he pines. In such condiitons his immune system weakens and you should be very careful not to destroy the tree.

He has strong family feelings. He feels a constant need for contact to his relatives, even if they can not appreciate it and come up to expectations. He requires a stability, notwithstanding his inconstancy in many things.

He is an emotional and tolerant nature. Sometimes he pays for it with his mental peace and joie de vivre, especially as he resists to temptations. Even if he is not loyal (more frequently in thoughts), he tries to accurately perform his daily duties. You may rely on him. He works diligently, though deep in soul he's lazy. He's impulsive and full of good intentions, but life goes through the fight to his own weaknesses.

Fig is a realist and he is always efficient and enterprising. This tree is a real treasure for his relatives. It gives good fruits. Plant it in your garden and take care of him - you will not regret. He's one of those who are good in marriage. But don't wait for miracles from him, he's not of a kind of romantice lovers. He rates simple feelings higher than "some fantasies". Any tree with no complex, if understands Fig, will match it well. But, attention!: a Fig is very susceptible!

Traits of those who were born under the sign of Fig: impulsiveness, practical mind, observation, realism, talent of organization.

These people were born under the sign of Fig: H.Heine, Beethoven, Stravinsky, W. Brandt, Federico Garcia Lorca, Grieg, Edith Piaf.