The Druids horoscope. The Druids calendar. Gallic horoscope.


(2nd January - 11th January, 5th July - 14th July)

She's beautiful with a cold, regular beauty, she likes antique bijou, and also a shade, delicate perfume, old holidays full of grandeur. She's capricious and not always easy in relations and common living. She has a mature sense of isolation, so she oftenly feels herself lonely even in big group of people. She almost not gives up to others' influence, however she rarely says her opinion, she's not too talkative and merry. She's very proud, persistent in reaching her goals.

In love affairs she's rarely satisfied. She's demanding and intractable. She always wants to have much from life, since she knows her merits, and usually she gets it. She may fall in love occasionally, and then a whole world collapses. Her love may be limitless.

She's exceptionally clever, has analytical abilities, thinks in scientific way, but not always successful. Sometimes it happens, that she works in a field having nothing common to her dispositions and profession.

She's serious in work and reaches certain levels with her conscientiousness and scrupulousness.

Having various options she usually chooses the most difficult. Creation of difficult situations for herself and for others - that's her vocation indeed.

She's noble, whatever happens - you may fully rely on her. In any situation she can keep the presence of mind, hope and trust. Fir is above all trifles. She's fastidious and prefers satisfaction in large-scale to small pleasures.

Traits of those who were born under the sign of Fir: intelligent mind, disposition to analysis, thoughts, logic, asceticism.

These people were born under the sign of Fir: Jeanne d'Arc, Napoleone Buonaparte, A. Tolstoy, John Galsworthy, Guy de Maupassant.