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(1st May - 14th May, 3rd November - 11th November)

He's mobile, lively and sociable, he attracts with his easy and able conversation, and apart from his will he becomes an object of attention.

They usually wait from him a creation of easy environment in company. For everybody he appears to be a balanced, funny and with-no-life-problems man. Only the most close to him people know how much is he indeed sensitive and able to be disappointed. That's why he's a born pessimist.

Incredulity for others, for him it is a reasonableness leading to cautious and far-sighted actions.

Suspiciousness for others, for him it is only a secret reserve. He, like no other people, understands the advantage of diplomacy and ability to make harmonious relationships to others. Unfortunately, these advantages are rarely shown at his own home. Here he seeks for gratification of his need for independence. He does not like to feel himself constrained, does not like limitations, obligations do depress him, notwithstanding him always obeyed to his duty.

He's not devoid of a sense of responsibility, however not always it makes him feel good. A married life with Jasmine is not easy. Especially as he quickly disappoints and collects biases. He likes children and feels himself comfortable with them. Not being waiting for much from life, he puts his hopes onto children. He can easily and clearly explain to them the most difficult questions. Children give the biggest joy and satisfaction to him.

Jasmine is not a materialist, but oftenly he has a good earnings. He does not afraid of labour, his intelligence and lively thoughts are highly appreciated by his chiefs.

Traits of those who were born under the sign of Jasmine: critical mind, intelligence, fantasy, intuition.

These people were born under the sign of Jasmine: Machiavelli, Henryk Sienkiewicz.