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(11th March - 20th March, 13th September - 22nd September)

She's unprecedentedly charming and can use it. She may turn everybody's head. She dreams of a stable, comfortable life and oftenly not realizes that it has no great importance for her indeed. She easily adapts to any conditions. She's only enough of a marquee to make the atmosphere of home comfort. She looks quiet and even weak-willed, silent, fearful, and with all this she's serene and pessimistic. Oftenly Lime goes through all her life with the feeling of boredom. It is her main enemy.

She may be unstable, she's especialy sensitive to flattery. She's full of contradictions, very hard to interpret. One thing is undoubted about her: she's very attractive. It's nice and easy to associate with her, you have a feeling of psycholofical comfort. Lime will patiently listen to her collocutor, she's respectful to her relatives, does not strive to command them. Everybody do like her even when they can not truly rely upon her.

She has a practical mind, inclination to technics, she's quick-witted and accurate. If during her life she meets a familiar dear one - then a conjugal love may return a balance to her, to save from contradictions. Herewith she has a strong self-respect. She may be jealous, oftenly having no reason for it.

Traits of those who were born under the sign of Lime: sociability, observation, realism, talent for organization.

These people were born under the sign of Lime: Louis XIV, Pierre Auguste Renoir, Albert Einstein, Yulian Tuwim.