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(4th February - 8th February, 5th August - 13th August)

He has decorativeness, good shape and beauty since youth. Being older, however, he makes troubles to himself. Being very sensitive to a flow of time, he starts to be afraid of old age too early, and due to this fear he gets even older. Only a good influence of others may help him, so he needs to choose carefully the people which he will have to communicate to.

He should be careful when changing his location: not any environment is good for growth of Poplar. He feels a need for friends, but he's racked with environment which he did not choose by himself. He's very sensitive to a freedom limitations and may easily fall into pessimism.

His love is sensitive to any troubles and even a small thing may get him out of balance. Sometimes he's touched by himself, but oftenly he can hide it, and in such a hush he finds a peculiar pleasure.

Courage and pride help him to pass through the most of difficult tasks, and you will rarely see an anxiety on his face. Those people, who knows him not well, will consider him as a merry and calm person.

He's not a materialist, he has a disposition to an altruism. With all this he's excellently organized and not forgets about future. In marriage there is a difficult happiness, he may be too sensitive and excessively independent. His weapon for conjugal clashes is an indifference amended by a smile and a joke.

He has a sharp mind, which gets no older. His insight and critical mind may even have an influence on his arrogance. There are many of Poplars among the doctors.

Traits of those who were born under the sign of Poplar: need for independence, inclination to neurasthenia, dreamings and synthesis, intuition and fantasy, an inspired mind.

These people were born under the sign of Poplar: Mendeleev, Jules Verne, Alfred Hitchcock, Salvador Dali.