Geomancy: Arabic divination with sand online

Impoverishment - Arabic divination with sand


This figure brings to mind the slow but irreversible effects of fire. It symbolizes separation, lack of control, and deception. Additionally, depending on the context, it can represent permissiveness, selfishness, etc. Impoverishment carries a significant amount of negativity, although under certain circumstances, this figure signifies constructive development, albeit with difficulties and negative emotions.


If you are looking for a concise answer, the most accurate wording would be "more likely yes than no". However, let's make a more detailed analysis of the situation...

It points out the process of deterioration; the situation in which negative forces start to manifest themselves clearly. Impoverishment suggests that a person is likely to deceive or prone to conflicts, easily makes false promises, or enjoys gossiping.


The situation allows you to start everything from scratch and even pushes you towards it. If your mindset is changing or certain aspects of your value system are breaking, do not hinder these processes. On the contrary, try to see the rational kernel in them and contribute to them. Perhaps now is the time for you to find the cause of your problems and discover ways to resolve them.