Geomancy: Arabic divination with sand online

Loss - Arabic divination with sand


The image of this figure brings back memories of a cold and strong wind. And it expresses instability, disappointment, making unreasonable decisions, etc.


To everyone who is expecting a definitive answer, Loss responds not absolutely categorically, but confidently enough: "no".

If you are looking for an analysis of the situation, know that... The figure signifies a decrease in certain indicators, restriction of rights, loss of opportunities or material valuables that is happening (or will happen if the question pertains to the future). Additionally, Loss can indicate that a person is trying to avoid certain responsibilities, that one is uncommunicative and therefore prone to conflicts, or that one is unable to manage financial matters adequately.


Since you are not in the most favorable situation for yourself, it is not surprising that you don't understand or accept certain things. You should exercise greater caution because your initiative, attempts to persuade, or actions may prove to be unsuccessful. In your case, it would be wise to try looking at your problem from a new perspective. This will likely open up new ideas and circumstances for you, allow you to draw accurate conclusions, and finally feel confident in yourself.