Geomancy: Arabic divination with sand online

Flaccidity - Arabic divination with sand


The figure symbolizes weak attempts to move in still water. At first glance, the picture may seem unattractive, but nevertheless, Flaccidity has both negative and positive aspects. On one hand, the figure can signify danger due to stubbornness or excessive sensitivity, and on the other hand, it represents the harmony that is almost achieved and therefore does not require active actions.


If you want to get the most concise answer, Flaccidity means "probably not". It's not a categorical refusal, but "yes" is much less likely for you than "no".

If you are interested in details in which, as it is known, God lies, then they are as follows... The figure predicts a suddenly emerging feeling, which can be both love and hatred, and which can lead to both passion and rebellion. It indicates the need to understand that a person has been in a state of decline, stagnation, or even regression for an unacceptably long time.


Start taking action, otherwise you will simply have to forget about the matter your question relates to. If you observe some activity towards yourself, do not hinder these events from developing, and if possible, try to get involved in them. Another recommendation is that you should get rid of what has become unbearable. And you should not be afraid to shock someone with it.