Geomancy: Arabic divination with sand online

Progress - Arabic divination with sand


The symbolism of this figure lies in the streams of river waters flowing into the oceans. It signifies development, growth, and an increase in profit. Additionally, the figure of Progress can be characterized as generosity, morality, and kindness. Although in some cases, it can also indicate ambition.


As a single-word answer, the figure signifies "yes".

Progress is a figure that primarily signifies the material sphere and therefore predicts profit, financial success, and successful investments. Other interpretations include a step taken towards maturity or a white streak that will begin thanks to a person being honest and sincere.


You should strive to avoid gossip, accusations, and judgment. Even if someone does something that, in your opinion, is clearly wrong or meaningless, do not rush to point it out to them. Perhaps this person values different things or sees their situation in a different light than you do.