Geomancy: Arabic divination with sand online

Regret - Arabic divination with sand


The figure is compared to clods of earth, heavy, tightly packed, dirty ones. Its main connotations are sadness, fear, fatigue, loneliness, and remorse.


In the most general terms, when a one-word and categorical answer is needed, Regret says: "no".

This symbol predicts loss of life interests, a depressed state of mind. It indicates that a person may experience hostility from their surroundings. Another quite typical interpretation is the withdrawal from affairs and the resulting loneliness and emptiness. In addition, Regret points to spiritual unrest and the inability (or impossibility) to solve certain problems.


You risk creating problems for yourself due to fears that cause indecisiveness and sow panic. This will drag you into a vicious circle. Therefore, try not to perceive difficulties tragically and do not let negative thoughts and emotions overwhelm you.