Geomancy: Arabic divination with sand online

Barrier - Arabic divination with sand


This figure is like air permeated with fog. It indicates the need for efforts, a sense of duty, and responsibility. However, in some situations, Barrier, justifying its name, signifies difficulties, limitations, or even isolation.


If you are looking for a conclusive answer, it is "no!"

However, since besides black and white, there are also countless shades of gray, it is evident that the current situation should be examined more carefully. Because sometimes a single proverbial fly in the ointment can spoil the whole picture. And in this case, it should be mentioned that there are temporary difficulties, which may lead (or have already led) to forced passivity, loneliness, and restrictions of freedom. It is important to understand that going with the flow is by no means an option in this case; every effort should be made to overcome these difficulties.


You should consider enlisting allies (partners, etc.) on your side. Dealing with this situation on your own will be quite challenging. Perhaps you will have to make some sacrifices. Additionally, you must be patient because positive changes undoubtedly take time.