Geomancy: Arabic divination with sand online

Path - Arabic divination with sand


In this figure, the suddenly ignited flame is expressed. Such a figure symbolizes the male nature, characterized by wildness, drive, and dynamism. Sometimes it is compared to a runway, from which a powerful and beautiful aircraft is about to detach and soar high into the sky.


The Path does not provide a categorical "yes" or "no", although it is generally a figure that is positively "colored". It makes one think about the methods and means that a person should ideally use in order to achieve their desires.

The figure speaks of intense emotions raging in the soul. In addition, the Path represents the beginning of a new stage in life, possibly even a new path. Moreover, the events that will be the source of change can initially be perceived as both positive and negative. Specifically, this figure predicts travel, separations, liberation from burdensome obligations, and getting rid of unpleasant habits.


Get ready to make some changes in your lifestyle. The changes will happen soon and will allow you to become a more independent person.