Geomancy: Arabic divination with sand online

Praise - Arabic divination with sand


This figure is described as a lively and bright fire. However, the emphasis is always placed on the fact that the fire needs constant maintenance, as the risk of it extinguishing is always present.


If you want an extremely brief answer, it is "probably yes".

If you need a more detailed prediction, know this: the figure indicates that a person has entered a lucky streak. And one needs to try to squeeze the maximum out of it. Praise indicates the opportunity to radically change his life. At the same time, it warns that one must be selective in the means and methods of achieving success, as there is a risk of falling into extremes and becoming a careerist, a sycophant, a braggart, or someone else.


You must act as promptly as possible. Be bold, ambitious. But don't forget that beyond the peak you have already reached, there is always a higher and more significant one. The latter means that you should not perceive what you have achieved as your limit. And, moreover, some things can lose their relevance and significance over time.