Geomancy: Arabic divination with sand online

Softness - Arabic divination with sand


The figure resembles a light and refreshing breeze. It symbolizes grace, sensuality, youth, and charm. And to some extent, it relates to creativity as a way of thinking and attitude towards life.


From this figure it is unlikely that one can demand a definitive "yes" or "no", because, despite its obvious positivity, it reflects more shades of emotions or nuances of circumstances. And this implies possible reservations and inevitable subjectivity.

In Softness there is a hint of love, cheerfulness, and finding joy in life concluded. It predicts that pleasant events will occur. Of course, its presence is most indicative in matters concerning personal relationships. However, it is also indicative in other cases, as it can serve as a sign of moments that might otherwise go unnoticed.


You are advised not to look too far into the future and live primarily for the present day. Do not refuse pleasures if the opportunity to enjoy them arises. But be cautious of unchecked carelessness and thoughtless superficiality.