Geomancy: Arabic divination with sand online

Determination - Arabic divination with sand


In this figure lies the idea of unexpectedness, such as fire, blind resistance, anger... And the emotional background it can imply is any - from righteous indignation at injustice to cynicism accompanying uncontrollable instincts.


If you are expecting a definitive answer, it would be "probably not". But, it’s supposed to be, not only would you not object to a more detailed analysis of the situation, but you would also welcome it.

So, Determination implies a desire for dominance, which sooner or later inevitably prompts specific actions. The outcome of all this may be the forced necessity to do something, to speak out, to react aggressively to something, and so on. However, such processes can also be useful.


Since you can't avoid the struggle and confrontation anyway, try to extract as much benefit for yourself from this situation as possible. And there is little point in being afraid of difficulties. Although, on the other hand, you shouldn't allow yourself complete freedom and lack of control in this regard either (to avoid overly unpleasant excesses).